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Elio Stereo

“I’m a ninety's boy, the era of liberty, color, and digitalization - when house music embodied as anthem of the concrete jungles of the world. I'm a strong believer that if the creation of new music were to stop, we'd have years ahead of us to look back and appreciate what's been done before us. I wonder how many of you find the time to go back with so much being thrown at us, always battling to stay current.” - quoted from his I’M A HOUSE GANGSTER Podcast

Fast forward to today, Stereo’s track selection is mature but flirty, rare but classic and though remixing has become his focus for 2015, it doesn’t keep him from pushing the envelopes of nightlife, entertainment and fashion in a city widely underestimated. Calling Atlanta his home after moving from South America and later South Florida, he simmers in inspiration from local heavy weights and mentors Kai Alce and Treasure Fingers rendering impressive growth in his listeners’ pool.



Having experimented with different musical styles during his teen years, whether in bands like Capri (Gigolo Records) or as a producer and deejay - Thomass has always inspired from traditional instrument sounds. Since 1998, inclined for the more electronic thanks to massive raves being held in his native Argentina. Hanging out with friends who own studios and recording sessions in collaboration with Sonic 360 (UK) - label ran by Chris Allison, producer of Coldplay and The Beta Band. In the 2000s he starts releasing brilliant music through renowned labels like Gomma, Correspondant, Electrique Music and La Dame Noir. Works like ¨Smog City¨ and "The Affair" listed on charts by the more trusted names in dance's world scene. He has remixed artist like Luke Temple, Astro, Ilya Santana and visited Spain, Mexico, Germany and USA showcasing his sound, at times sharing the stage with: Tiger & Woods, Poolside, Horse Meat Disco, Naomi Ruiz, Blond:ish and Mike Simonetti. Currently he resides in Mexico City where he frequents the lineup of premier clubs like M.N.Roy, Mono and Leonor while sustaining a hectic release schedule.




Producer and deejay hailing form Atlanta, GA. You may know him by his most famous alias “REKchampa”. He has been producing his own uniquely rhythmic and soulful style of music since 2007. Since then, he has seen a variety of single-track contributions and full EPs on various labels out of Detroit, the UK, and Atlanta. Stefan's original productions showcase a deep respect for yesterday's underground and inspiration from many other genres. He most definitely has a flair for conceptualizing the sonic feelings of movement into a contemporary listening and dancing experience.